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Dining Tables & Chairs

Dining tables and chairs come in various forms and bring many benefits to your home and lifestyle. Add elegance with an artistic masterpiece or go for something basic and practical; ideal for dinner time with the family. Duncans of Banchory offer a wide range of dining room furniture suitable for both homes and commercial properties.

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Bar Chairs & Stools

Choose a bar stool that complements your kitchen island, counter or breakfast bar. Our staff at Duncans of Banchory furniture shop will provide guidance where requested and recommend kitchen and dining room seating options to suit your requirements. Bar chairs and stools are available in metal, glass or wood and come in a variety of styles – adjustable and fixed in size.

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Kitchen Tables

Duncans of Banchory hosts an array of kitchen tables from small four-seat tables, to larger extendable tables seating twelve or more people. Invest in a quality kitchen table and use it for years to come. Kitchen tables are an essential piece of kitchen furniture bringing functionality and style to your kitchen. Choose wisely! Choose a shape to suit your kitchen and a style to match your interior design.

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Bookcases & Shelving Units

Bookcases and shelving units are popular in most kitchens and dining rooms for both functionality and aesthetics. We offer a range of bookcases and shelving units to match the style of your home, including metal, glass and wood.

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