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Dining Tables & Chair Sets To Suit All Interior Designs

Free Table & Chair Set Delivery for Properties within 100 Miles of Banchory

Dining tables and chairs come in various forms and can bring many benefits to your home and lifestyle. Add elegance with an artistic masterpiece or go for something basic and practical; ideal for family dinners! Duncans of Banchory offer a wide range of dining room furniture suitable for both homes and commercial properties. Available in many styles, sizes and materials including metal, glass and wood. Choose a new dining room table to suit the style of your room whether it be modern, rustic or industrial. We provide dining table and chair sets to suit all tastes and functionalities.

Stylish Kitchen & Dining Tables for Homes & Offices
Duncans of Banchory hosts an array of quality kitchen and dining room furniture. Visit us in store and we will always provide information and guidance where requested. Claim your free delivery service to any residential or commercial property situated within a 100 mile radius of Banchory. We will also remove and ethically dispose of any unwanted furniture where requested.


Dining room tables come in several shapes including square, rectangular, round and oval. Any of these shapes are available as an extendable table so you can choose according to the size and shape of your room.

Modern & Contemporary

Modern ranges of dining room table and chair sets often consist of simple, minimalistic and sleek designs that can have both subtle or vibrant accents and colours.


Traditionally styled dining room table and chair sets incorporate rich and detailed wood tones; giving a timeless and classical feel to the appearance of your dining room.

Rustic Side Tables

Rustic dining table and chair sets are designed to look natural, worn and woodsy, giving a warm and earthy feature to your dining room, adding a bit of character to your home!

Casual & Transitional

Casual dining table and chair sets give a hybrid appearance of modern and traditional furniture. This is a perfect style if you are looking for a functional piece to suit most home décor styles. Designer or custom made dining room furniture is available on request.