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Sofas are a staple piece of furniture designed to bring comfort to your living room and lounge areas. Size, comfort, style and material are all key points to consider when choosing the ideal sofa for your home. Soft sofas, firm sofas, textured fabric, leather sofas, recliner sofas or corner sofas; these are just a few of the many living room sofa options available at Duncans of Banchory.

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Armchairs are large and often very comfortable sofa-type-chairs designed for one person only. They are usually sold alone or as part of a larger living room sofa set. We provide a strong selection of armchairs for living rooms, lounges, conservatories, bedrooms and also a range of office armchairs too.

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Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is a functional and practical piece of furniture that can serve as both; sofa and guest bed. Sofa beds are an excellent addition to any household and guarantee to make your life easier when you have guests! We will deliver your sofa bed for free to any residential or commercial property within a 100-mile radius of Banchory.

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Coffee Tables

A stylish coffee table can enhance your living room in so many ways and makes for a great social centrepiece. Coffee tables are designed for practicality and are available in designs for all home interiors. Buy a coffee table as a main furniture piece for your living room or choose a smaller, more subtle side table to place next to your armchair. The possible uses for coffee tables vary according to the size and design you choose – visit our showroom in Banchory for more information.

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Side Tables

Side tables are very similar to coffee tables in that they offer convenience and functionality – but side tables are right at your side when you need them. Duncans of Banchory offers a wide range of side table designs for homes and commercial properties; the perfect alternative for those smaller areas where coffee tables may be too large. Side tables are considered ‘practical furniture’ and are available in many styles, sizes, types and materials including glass, wood, acrylic and stainless steel.

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Entertainment Units, T.V. Stands, Media Units, Consoles or Credenzas

Entertainment units, T.V. stands, media units, consoles or credenzas are perfect alternatives for those who do not wish to wall mount their televisions or sound systems. Credenzas and T.V. stands are smaller than entertainment walls and offer mobility and storage space for your entertainment system.

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Bookcases & Shelving Units

Bookcases and shelving units are popular in most living rooms for both functionality and aesthetics. We offer a range of bookcases and shelving units to match the style of your home, including metal, glass, oak, ash, pine, walnut and mahogany wood.

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