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Bookcases & Shelving Units For All Interior Designs

Free Delivery Service to Homes & Offices within 100 Miles of Banchory

Bookcases and shelving units are popular in most living rooms for both functionality and interior design. We offer a range of bookcases and shelving units to match the style of your home, including metal, glass, oak, ash, pine, walnut and mahogany wood.

Stylish Bookcases & Shelving Units for Properties in & around Banchory
Duncans of Banchory host an array of quality bookcases and shelving units for living rooms as well as bedrooms and offices. Our furniture delivery service is free to any residential or commercial property situated within a 100-mile radius of Banchory and we will also remove and ethically dispose of any unwanted furniture on request.


A shelf bookcase is a multipurpose piece of furniture and is available with or without doors and drawers. A shelf bookcase is a great way to showcase your books, photos and home accessories in your living room, bedroom, hallway or office.


Similar to shelf bookcases, open bookcases, book cubes or bookshelves are multi-functional and provide a dynamic space for home décor accessories, books, ornaments and pictures. Moreover, they provide the additional space, storage and surface area that you need in your home or office.


Corner bookcases or bookshelves are ideal to maximise space in your home, as well as adding that decorative touch to the aesthetics of your living room.


A ladder bookcase or bookshelf is designed to be free standing. This bookcase option works well in living rooms with limited space due to their mobility, lightweight and narrow structure.


Modern & Contemporary
Bookcases or bookshelves for the modern home are often sleek and minimalistic in appearance – available in a multitude of colours to suit your personal preference. Contemporary bookcases and shelving units can often be characterised with the use of glass and metal ‘trendy materials’

Traditionally styled bookcases and book shelves incorporate rich and detailed wood tones for a timeless and classical feel to the appearance inside your living room or workplace.

Bookcases and shelving units designed to look natural, worn and woodsy, give a warm and earthy feature to your living room.

Casual & Transitional
Bookcases or bookshelves that give a hybrid appearance of modern & traditional furniture. This is a perfect style if you are looking for a functional piece that will suit most home décor styles.