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Tasteful Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

Free Coffee Table Delivery to Properties within 100 Miles of Banchory

A stylish coffee table will enhance your living room in so many ways and makes for a great social centrepiece. Coffee tables are designed for practicality and are available in designs for all home interiors. Buy a coffee table as a main furniture piece for your living room or choose a smaller, more subtle side table to place next to your sofa or armchair. Duncans of Banchory host an array of quality coffee tables for sale. Modern, rustic and industrial coffee tables are just a few of the styles we offer. Our table delivery service is free to any residential or commercial property situated within a 100-mile radius of Banchory and we will also remove and ethically dispose of any unwanted furniture on request.

Modern & Contemporary

Modern & contemporary furniture refers to what is currently popular. Modern & contemporary coffee tables are often simple and sleek in appearance, available in a wide range of designs. They offer a great aesthetic to match your current home décor or add as a stand-out centrepiece for your living room, lounge or office area.

Casual & Transitional

Transitional furniture offers a casual and functional feel that falls between modern and traditional. A transitional coffee table is a great option if you are looking for a coffee table to suit most home décor styles.


Industrial coffee tables come in a range of materials including wood, stone, metal and stainless steels. A great look for offices or homes that are going for a modern day, trendy appearance.

Farmhouse & Rustic

Farmhouse and rustic coffee tables highlight a distressed or weathered look – adding character to any room. Rustic and farmhouse décor styles encourage a more natural and warm feeling inside your living room.


Traditional or more formal furniture can add an ornate and rich texture to your home or commercial premises. Small details such as curved legs, carvings, engravings and inlaid tops add a more delicate touch of style to your coffee table.


Wood Coffee Tables
Wooden coffee tables come in a variety of finishes and wood types including oak, ash, mahogany, pine, walnut (and more) that go well with any interior design. Wood coffee tables are easy to clean and provide safe surfaces for families with children.

Metal Coffee Tables
Metal coffee tables add a sturdy, durable and easy-to-clean surface to your living room. Metal tables can add a more modern or industrial look and can be combined with a wood or glass top to suit the interior design of your home or commercial property.

Glass Coffee Tables
Glass coffee tables are a popular option designed to provide a smooth and easy to clean surface. Due to the transparency of the material, glass coffee tables can give the room a much larger appearance. Families with children should ensure safety glass is used.

Marble & Stone Coffee Tables
Stone or marble topped coffee tables give a traditional and elegant appearance to your living room and lounge areas.